A Science Fiction Patent?

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There are many requirements that an invention must fulfill in order to be granted a patent. The invention must be novel, non-obvious, and useful. Note that “proven to work” is not on the list of requirements. You don’t necessarily have to build a prototype to get a patent. A great example is US Patent 10,144,532 … Read more

Don’t Make an Unintended Claim in a Design Patent Drawing

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Following a drawing convention in the wrong way can result in your design patent being misinterpreted by the courts – greatly reducing the value of your patent because it won’t be protecting what you thought it was protecting. simplehuman, LLC, learned this lesson the hard way in a recent court battle with iTouchless Housewares and … Read more

Utility vs. Design Patents: Which is Better?

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Asking “which is better, a utility patent or a design patent?” is similar to asking, “which is better, a Humvee or a Ferrari?” It all depends on what you need it for. If you want to drive up rugged mountain roads and cross a stream, a Ferrari won’t be much use. If you want to … Read more

The Importance of Details in Patent Drawings

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When a patent gets challenged in court, every piece of the patent is going to be picked apart – including the drawings. Leaving things vague in drawings can cause headaches should the patent ever be involved in litigation. Naturally inventors want to have the broadest possible patent protection. This leads some patent applicants to base … Read more