What are the Differences between illustrations and patent drawings?

patent drawing of invention

Patent drawings aren’t just like other kinds of drawings. Patent illustrations aren’t intended to just show what an invention looks like. For utility patents, they need to be specific and detailed enough that someone “skilled in the art” can actually build the item described or use the method disclosed by the patent. For example, if … Read more

Top-Quality Patent Drafting Services In USA 2022

artist at table

“Patent drafting Services” can refer to either to the whole process of putting together a patent application, or more narrowly, “drafting” is also a term used for creating drawings, as in illustrators are also called “draftsmen.” Our focus here is on the drawings because that’s our specialty. Patent drawings are required with almost all patent … Read more

How much does a design patent application cost in Mexico?

Mexico Design patent cost

What is a design patent (called “industrial design” in Mexico)? A design patent protects “how it looks” rather than “how it works”. If your product attracts clients or buyers based on how it looks you should consider filing an industrial design patent. In some inventions both design and utility are important; in such cases you … Read more