Everything You Need to Know About Intellectual Property Illustration

Intellectual property illustration

Intellectual property illustration are drawings that are used to support claims for the protection of different types of intellectual property. In this article, we’ll learn about different types of intellectual property, and how illustrations are used to help provide protection for different types of intellectual property. Intellectual Property Categories There are four different forms of … Read more

A Complete Guide to Design Patents for 3D Printed Products

3d printer

3D printers have revolutionized the production of many different kinds of products.  3D printing – also known as “additive manufacturing” – enables the production of very complex geometries, including designs with features such as cavities or undercuts that are either impossible to manufacture with conventional technologies, or would be prohibitively expensive with conventional manufacturing techniques. … Read more

Top-Quality Patent Drafting Services

artist at table

“Patent drafting” can refer to either to whole process of putting together a patent application, or more narrowly, “drafting” is also a term used for creating drawings, as in illustrators are also called “draftsmen.” Our focus here is on the drawings, because that’s our specialty. Patent drawings are required with almost all patent applications. Having … Read more

Is that Design Patent Obvious (and ineligible for patent protection)?

drawing of soup dispenser

Campbell Soup Company recently won a victory at the Federal Circuit (the top appeals court for patent litigation in the USA) over patent infringement relating to soup can dispensers. Over a period of nearly ten years, Campbell Soup Co. bought tens of millions of dollars’ worth of the iQ Maximizer gravity feed dispenser from a … Read more