Design Patent Protection and Term of Protection in Different Countries 2023

Design patent drawing protection & Term in 15 different countries

What does a design patent protect? Out of the four types of intellectual properties (IPs): Patent, trade secrets or know-how, trademarks, and copyrights. the patent has been one of the most important property rights which gives protection to the inventors for their innovation. The patenting system came into existence to promote innovation. The patent owner … Read more

How to Make Better Patent Application with Patent Drawings?

detail drawing cassette mechanism

By law, patent applications need to include at least one patent drawing if the object or process is capable of being rendered in an illustration. However, it’s always worthwhile to try and include a patent drawing if at all possible, even if for a particular patent application it’s not strictly required. For example, if you’re … Read more

Design Patents in Brazil: Get Free Consultation Call

Design Patents in Brazil

Design Patent Definition in Brazil A design patent provides legal protection for the unique visual proprieties and qualities of a manufactured item. It may be granted if the product has a distinct configuration, distinct surface ornamentation, or both, but it also has to have practical utility. In Brazil as in the United States, objects that … Read more

Is that Design Patent Obvious (and ineligible for patent protection)?

drawing of soup dispenser

Campbell Soup Company recently won a victory at the Federal Circuit (the top appeals court for patent litigation in the USA) over patent infringement relating to soup can dispensers. Over a period of nearly ten years, Campbell Soup Co. bought tens of millions of dollars’ worth of the iQ Maximizer gravity feed dispenser from a … Read more