5 Negative Effects of Patent Application Rejection on Patent Attorneys

“Patent drawings are not important for the patent filing process”, said a layman

But you know it. 

I know it. 

Any qualified patent attorney knows it that if you want to increase your chances of getting your patent filing approved, patent drawings are incredibly important.

Why is it so?

Why are patent drawings so much important?

Well, to start with, a top-notch quality patent drawing:

  • Adds that accuracy any patent needs for a better explanation of the invention
  • Gives enhanced clarity about the patent
  • Gives an edge to your clients against infringers
  • Saves your time, expenses, and efforts, and most important,
  • Saves the patent officer’s time of examining the patent filing, thus increasing the chances of approval

But all this is possible only if the patent drawing is ‘top-notch’.

There is a difference between any mediocre patent drawing and a high-quality drawing. 

Most of the time this difference can be the deciding point, where one parent gets rejected by the patent office and the other one gets accepted in one go.

But most patent attorneys neglect the difference and the importance of a high-quality patent drawing.

This can lead to severe outcomes.

This is one of the reasons most patent applications are rejected in the U.S alone.

You don’t want to be among those attorneys, do you?

Of course not.

So check out the challenges that patent attorneys face when their patent filing gets rejected, all because of submitting poor quality patent drawings:

1. Waste of precious time

You already know that once the office action is received, you need to submit a new application but this delays the granting of a patent.

Delay in the process is not an ideal situation, not for you or your client. 

You want to avoid as many reasons as possible to get office action and patent drawings is one such reason which you can easily avoid.

Also, sometimes, poor drawings even result in introducing some technical errors in your patent application. 

These become very difficult to fix later, and you might not meet all the compliance requirements for various patent jurisdictions.

This means you have to do all the work again, while also ensuring that the filing doesn’t get rejected the next time.

This becomes a tedious task, and hence will make you lose a lot of your valuable time.

You might also want to look for a patent illustrator that can give a result which gets approved in one shot. 

This will consume even more time.

Have you ever faced this challenge of rejection and wastage of time?

I’m sure you might’ve. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this article, isn’t it?

But this is not the only problem patent attorneys like you face.

Get error-free patent drawings in 4-6 days. No additional charge for iterations. Price starts at $30.

2. Money and energy drainage

One of the major setbacks of rejection of the patent filing will be the financial hit upon your client.

You would have to work twice to get the approval of your patent drawings, and it will involve spending more money and energy from your clients end.

It might also reduce your end profits from the client because your entire project cost will increase.

You and your team will have to input twice as hard to get the work done. 

All these factors will reduce your efficiency and effectiveness as a patent attorney.

3. Frustration 

Apart from all the physical setbacks, you’ll also be affected mentally.

Delay in work and rejection will frustrate you, and it will not be a good sign for your overall well-being.

It will affect your personal relations with your family, friends, and team members.

This will also hugely affect your work results, as you cannot concentrate on your other work properly. 

And this can make things more difficult to get the results you promised for your other clients.

Did you ever think an avoidable rejection because of patent drawing can affect you, your personal, as well as, your professional life so much?

4. The decrease in client retention

If your client’s patent application gets delayed, and your client gets to know about the office action of application, he’ll be disappointed.

Moreover, your capability to handle more cases will come down as you will be busy replying to all office actions. 

Increased cost and delay in the approval might allur your client to switch to another patent attorney. 

This way your rivals will grab this opportunity and acquire clients that once trusted you.

Now I don’t think you would want this to happen, would you?

Losing clients is not good for any business. Therefore, you need to make sure that your patent application doesn’t get an office action because of a patent drawing.

And you already know detailed, accurate and thorough patent drawings are one of the most crucial factors in getting the application approved.

5. Trouble gaining new clients

Once you start losing clients, people will start to lose trust in you.

This will lead to bad word-of-mouth marketing and you/your team will start facing difficulties in gaining new clients.

You know that creators and inventors are creative people who live in their dream world of inventions.

They want to associate with the one who will get their job done with no to minimal efforts from their end.

But if you cannot fulfill that requirement, your reputation will take a hit and your clientele numbers will take a steep downhill ride.

This can immensely affect your overall business.

Final Takeaway

To wrap it up, one thing is crystal clear: Patent drawings are exceedingly important for patent approval.

And you being a skilled patent attorney should not take it lightly, as it has the power to create havoc in your life, both personal and professional, in multiple ways.

So what’s the solution to this issue?

How can you make sure that you don’t have to face rejection again?

Well, there is only one way of solving this issue: 

By associating yourself with a top-notch patent drawing service provider.

A skilled, qualified, and professional patent drawing service provider is one who can handle both utility and design patent drawings. 

Also, look for a service provider that promises to deliver the most effective results at a very reasonable price.

So, make sure you consider all the factors mentioned above before hiring the next vendor for creating patent drawings.

Get this aspect of patent application perfect and see a major decline in your rejection rates, while a huge increase in your client retention rates.