Is that Design Patent Obvious (and ineligible for patent protection)?

drawing of soup dispenser

Campbell Soup Company recently won a victory at the Federal Circuit (the top appeals court for patent litigation in the USA) over patent infringement relating to soup can dispensers. Over a period of nearly ten years, Campbell Soup Co. bought tens of millions of dollars’ worth of the iQ Maximizer gravity feed dispenser from a … Read more

Patent Drawings for a Method Patent

meeting room with sensors

Microsoft was recently awarded US Patent 10735211 for a “Meeting Insight Computing System” that would monitor participants body language and facial expressions in order to assign meetings a “quality score.” Microsoft says the factors to be monitored could include air temperature, air composition, brightness, ambient noise level, room occupancy (e.g., expressed as a binary value or an … Read more

Protection of Industrial Property in Brazil

Authored by: Adriano Bedin, Master in business law Attorney at Creazione Marcas e patentes, Industrial Property Agent The protection of industrial property rights in Brazil is effected by means of the granting of patent of inventions, utility model patents and industrial design registrations. A Patent of Invention protects a new solution to a technical problem … Read more