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Invention Patent Drawings is a small company with offices in the United States and India. Our illustrators have created over 5,000 patent drawings for satisfied clients, mostly for the USPTO and PCT. The head of our team of patent illustrators has over 14 years of experience creating patent drawings and performing quality control for clients in the United States and Europe. Learn more about our company.

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I recently had some patent drawings designed for my company by Invention Patent Drawings. Throughout the whole process their customer service and communication has been excellent which worked very well along with the highest quality designs I have ever received.

Matthew ErnestDistribution Wholesale Representation

I am so happy that I found Invention Patent Drawings. With their patent illustration services set at a reasonable price, their friendly service and excellent talent, it is something that I think I have really benefited from.

Ireneusz SynakETalc Technologies

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Avoiding Common Errors in Drawings for Design Patents

Avoiding these common errors in design patent drawings can help ensure that your patent application will be approved and the patent will be strong in court.

Successful Patent Drawings for Design Patents

While patent drawings are essential for almost any successful patent application, they are even more important for design patent applications than for utility patents. Since design patents are for ornamentation and appearance, the drawing IS the disclosure. When considering what goes into drawings for design patents, it’s good to keep in mind the US patent […]

Improving Patent Applications with Patent Drawings

By law, patent applications need to include at least one drawing if the patented object or process is capable of being rendered in an illustration. However, it’s always worthwhile to try and include a drawing if at all possible, even if for a particular patent application it’s not strictly required. For example, if you’re claiming […]

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