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Invention Patent Drawings

Invention Patent Drawings is a small company with offices in the United States and India. Our illustrators have created over 5,000 patent drawings for satisfied clients, mostly for the USPTO and PCT. The head of our team of patent illustrators has over 14 years of experience creating patent drawings and performing quality control for clients in the United States and Europe.

We take pride in providing quality design and utility patent drawing services to our clients.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I recently had some patent drawings designed for my company by Invention Patent Drawings. Throughout the whole process their customer service and communication has been excellent which worked very well along with the highest quality designs I have ever received.

Matthew ErnestDistribution Wholesale Representation

I am so happy that I found Invention Patent Drawings. With their patent illustration services set at a reasonable price, their friendly service and excellent talent, it is something that I think I have really benefited from.

Ireneusz SynakETalc Technologies

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Patent Drawings as a Marketing Tool

We usually think of patent drawings as having only a technical purpose: to help obtain a patent, and in the event of litigation, to help defend the patent. Patent drawings can also be a valuable marketing tool – and in some instances, they may be an unintentional and inadvertent marketing tool. Once a patent application […]

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