The Importance of Patent Drawings for Low-Tech Products

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You just cannot ignore the importance of Patent Drawings for Low-Tech Products. Examples from the past proves that even a low-tech product can be worth for getting patented. In the popular imagination patents are most closely associated with high tech. And there are, of course, a lot of patents in high-tech, and a lot of … Read more

How to Represent Transparent Patent Drawings [With Real Examples]

samsung transparent phone

As we said in our article, “Why Drawings Can Make or Break Your Patent Application,” patent drawings are an essential part of either utility or design patents. But what do you do if one of your patent is for a product that’s transparent? How do you accurately depict transparency? The US Patent Office does not … Read more

How To Prepare Successful Patent Drawings for Design Patents?

iPhone design patent

While patent drawings are essential for almost any successful patent application, they are even more important for design patent applications than for utility patents. Since design patents are for ornamentation and appearance, the drawing IS the disclosure. When considering what goes into drawings for design patents, it’s good to keep in mind the US patent … Read more

Expanding Patent Disclosure with Patent Drawings: All you need to know

Patent Disclosure

Patent disclosure is typically a part of the patenting process that indicates how to make the product or invention. Under US patent law, if an invention can be showing with a patent drawing or illustration, then at least one is required. According to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedures, drawings shall be required when they … Read more