How To Prepare Successful Patent Drawings for Design Patents?

iPhone design patent

While patent drawings are essential for almost any successful patent application, they are even more important for design patent applications than for utility patents. Since design patents are for ornamentation and appearance, the drawing IS the disclosure. When considering what goes into drawings for design patents, it’s good to keep in mind the US patent … Read more

How to Make Better Patent Application with Patent Drawings?

detail drawing cassette mechanism

By law, patent applications need to include at least one patent drawing if the object or process is capable of being rendered in an illustration. However, it’s always worthwhile to try and include a patent drawing if at all possible, even if for a particular patent application it’s not strictly required. For example, if you’re … Read more

Patent Drawings as Works of Art

patented flying machine

Nowadays, no one but an inventor would hang a patent drawing on a wall. But once upon a time, patent drawings often went way beyond the merely functional – some of them were museum-quality works of art. Take a look at this drawing from a patent for a fire ladder in 1837. It includes many … Read more