Procedure and requirements for receiving patents and utility model registration in Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian patent /utility model/ legislation is harmonized with the European patent legislation /of other European countries/, incl. European Patent Convention. The application for receiving patents and utility model /UM/ registrations in Bulgaria should be filed with the Patent Office of Bulgaria /BPO/ according to the Act on patents and registration of utility models /APRUM/, … Read more

Inventions for Easter

mechanical easter bunny

Christians all over the world will soon be celebrating Easter. In honor of the upcoming holiday, here’s a look at a few Easter related patents. Since Easter is a holiday that celebrates spring and renewals, it’s appropriate that it can also inspire new inventions. Broadly speaking, our Easter-related patents include both design patents for something … Read more

Why Are Design Patents Useful?


Design patents and utility (invention) patents are two very different things. Design patents protect how something looks; utility patents protect how it works. Some people might think it’s only important to have a design patent if you have a very strong brand already, so that people would want to make an exact copy of your … Read more

5 Negative Effects of Patent Application Rejection on Patent Attorneys

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“Patent drawings are not important for the patent filing process”, said a layman But you know it.  I know it.  Any qualified patent attorney knows it that if you want to increase your chances of getting your patent filing approved, patent drawings are incredibly important. Why is it so? Why are patent drawings so much … Read more