Patent Drawings And Patent Litigation [Guide To Protect Your Patent]

patent litigation

Contrary to what a lot of laypeople think, a patent doesn’t grant you the right to make something. A patent grants you the right to sue someone who’s making your invention without your permission. Therefore, a patent is only as valuable as your willingness to litigate to protect your patent rights. Unfortunately, there are way … Read more

2 Major Patent Drawing Mistakes and How To Fix Them

patent drawing mistakes

What do you do if a drawing you submitted with a patent application has been rejected by the patent office? First of all, if your initial patent application is rejected (for drawings or other issues), don’t panic! If this is your first time on our blog, welcome to Invention-patent-drawings, where we share useful and relevant … Read more

Working with a Patent Illustrator

patent illustrator

Patent drawings are an essential component of almost every patent application. Inventors may choose to work directly with patent illustrators, or they may have their patent attorney take care of getting the official patent drawings for them. Whether you’re an inventor or an attorney, there are a few things you can do that will make … Read more