Choosing a Patent Drawing Service for Electric Cars

Electric cars are the wave of the future. A survey of industry executives found that on average they believed 52% of all new cars would be electric in 2030. General Motors, the largest car maker in America, has announced that by 2035 it will quit selling anything but fully electric cars. Thirteen years from now might sound like a long time, but in the relatively slow-moving automotive industry, that’s lightning fast.

Electric Car Patents

The first patent for an electric car goes back over 130 years, to 1890, when William Morrison received a patent for an electric “self-propelled carriage.” While electric cars were around 100 years ago, they didn’t start to take off until more recently when battery technology improved enough to make the vehicles practical.

There are now dozens of makers of electric cars with hundreds of models. Every competitor is looking for a unique edge, so inventiveness is high, and patent applications have multiplied. One study found that there were over 14,000 electric vehicle related patents filed with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) last year, so called “PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) patents,” or international patents.

Choosing a Patent Drawing Service for Electric Cars

Electric cars are dependent on many different types of technologies, and many are deploying highly innovative designs and new technologies. A patent drawing service for electric cars must be quite versatile to be able to handle the many different types of drawings that can be required.

A few drawings from Tesla’s patent applications shows this variety. Tesla, like many electric car makers, is applying innovative designs to their innovative cars. This is an example of a design patent for a car door that Tesla received:

electric car

Some of the drawings for electric car related patents can be very intricate, as this example from a patent Tesla received for a machine for manufacturing their electric vehicles:

What to Look for in a Patent Drawing Service

While it is theoretically possible to do patent drawings on your own if you have the requisite skills, it’s not recommended because the rules regarding patent drawings are quite complicated and very specific. Failing to comply with all the detailed rules could result in your patent application being rejected, being delayed because of corrections, or could even result in your patent not providing the protection you thought it would provide if challenged in court. For more details, see our post on “Complying with Patent Drawing Rules.”

While no one wants to spend more money than they must, finding the absolute cheapest way to get your patent drawings done can be a false economy. Using someone without extensive experience specifically in patent drawings can cause problems at the patent office, as mentioned above. The important thing is someone who has experience, such as ourselves, someone who knows exactly what the different patent offices require. Of course, experience doesn’t have to be expensive – we provide high quality patent drawings at very economical price.

You would also want to look for someone who isn’t going to charge you for iterations of a drawing. While most drawings we do are fine on the first pass, occasionally there are complex situations that may require more than one iteration. We provide however many iterations are needed at no additional charge.

The Benefits of Using a Patent Drawing Service

There are many benefits you receive from working with a high-quality patent drawing service:

  1. They will get the job done right, without technical rejections for failing to comply with patent office drawing specifications.
  2. Drawings will be turned around promptly, so that your patent application will not be delayed because the drawings are not available.
  3. Cost will be a fraction of the cost of the overall patent application, and if the inventor provides their patent attorney with specification compliant drawings, the cost will be lower than having the patent attorney’s office do the drawings.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Patent Drawing Service

The most important thing you can do to work effectively with your patent drawing service is to communicate clearly. It’s very important that the patent drawings accurately reflect the invention, and the only your patent drawing service can do that is if you provide them with accurate instructions and description of the invention.


Electric cars are the future, and are a field of intense inventive activity. Choosing the right patent drawing service can save you time, money, and assure you that your application will not be rejected because of technical problems in the drawings. Contact us with any questions you might have about patent drawings, or if you would like a quotation for your project.