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High quality design patent drawings | Fast delivery (3-5 days) | Affordable price ($30) | Unlimited iterations ⚡.

We are a provider of design patent illustrations services specializing in providing high quality design patent drawings.

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Quality work, friendly and professional services at reasonable prices.
Michael Petrin
Patent Attorney (California, United States)

How We Work →

Rules & Guidelines

Our patent drawing experts follow the government guidelines (USPTO, etc.)

Unlimited iterations

You get unlimited iterations with no additional charge.

Get a quote

We return a price quote, normally within 24 hours. See our pricing page for more information.

Fast delivery

Drawing typically delivered within 3-4 business days of receipt of go-ahead and required information.

Output file formats

We provide output file in all possible formats (CAD, PDF, DWG, etc.)

Starts at $30

Depending on the complexity of the drawings, the price may vary a little.

I had a design patent drawing set done with Aravind. They turned around the project within a few days and worked very efficiently through a small correction. Great support for accurate and fast drawings! Thanks a lot!
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Jon Herr
Co-Founder at Ecosolaroof USA, Inc.

Description of Design Patent Drawings  →

A design patent illustration protects the way a product looks. It prevents “copy cats” from making an exact replica of your design. The patent can protect the configuration or shape of the object, or it can apply to the surface ornamentation on the article, or it can include both.

You can’t get a patent for a surface ornamentation design no matter what it’s applied to. You can only get a patent for surface ornamentation that is applied to a particular object.

People often think that utility patents, which cover novel inventions, must be the patents that are really valuable. There’s no doubt that important utility patents are incredibly valuable, but design patents can also have a value in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Generally speaking, the process for getting a design patent is much simpler than the process for getting a utility patent. Design patents in the US last for 15 years from the date the patent is granted.